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BAJA Morocco 3rd edition

BAJA Morocco | 02.10. - 06.10.2023

Baja Morocco 3rd Edition

02 to 6 October 2023

Merzouga – Morocco


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    Baja Morocco 3rd Edition

    The BAJA SSV MOROCCO was born from the desire to offer all SSV owners a competitive event. For the 3rd edition we have decided to introduce bikes and quads, following the demand from bikers that experienced the high level of safety on the Carta Rallye.

    The courses are designed to optimise the handling abilities and performance of SSV’s and motorbikes to give competitors maximum driving pleasure.

    Our course is designed for motorbikes and SSV’s only.

    Two options:

    Baja category: No roadbook, no need for an experienced navigator, just a GPS track to follow with marked dangers! Please note this is a GPS track and not GPS points linked together to form a route! Every curve and every change in direction will be clearly visible. No track to look for, no possible shortcut or risk of getting lost. This allows you to ride safely knowing that hazards will be flagged on the track and in the Stella III Evo navigation system. Of course in the dunes, you will have to find your way between the given GPS points!

    Cross-Country Category: The Classic Rally Raid category with roadbook. Our roadbook electronic roadbooks will be provided to you with an app for reading on your own tablet. The Stella III Evo navigation system will warn you of major hazards and help you navigate to your waypoints.

    The two categories will have partly different courses.

    Multiple short stages per day, approx. 100 kms each. Maximum 300kms per day.

    For the SSV’s, 2 main categories, Open and Series with 2 sub-classes, Turbo and Atmo.
    For the motorbikes, 2 categories: ≤ 450cc and >450cc.

    Another first: The winners of the “Baja” and “Cross Country” scratch will get a free registration for the next edition of the Baja Morocco!

    The Team

    Frequently asked questions

    Safety and medical plan

    • Helicopter for your safety
    • Stella III Evo race system in each vehicle
    • Team of emergency doctors
    • Three – 4×4 ambulances
    • sweeper truck and vehicles (return to the bivouac)
    • Collaboration with the Moroccan authorities for all aspects of security

    Here are some of the things that we do to make your Baja SSV Morocco experience more enjoyable

    Transport solutions:

    • We can arrange transport of your vehicles, parts and personal effects from a number of European collection points. We can also offer you access to a shared service truck for your own mechanic during the event. Contact us for further details.


      • We have several professional service teams present at the Baja SSV that can offer you transport and complete servicing solutions. Here their details: Servicing

    Recovery team:

    • In your registration fees we include the services of our expert recovery team. They will always make sure to get you back to the hotel during the race.

    Racing licences:

    • You do not need an International FIA Licence to race at the Baja SSV. All you need is a Royal Moroccan Motorsport Federation licence. You will need to fill in a medical form that you will receive from us and return it to us. An official from the FRMSA will be at the administrative scrutineering to collect the fees for your licences and issue them. Cost € 150 for driver and € 150 for co-driver.

    Sim cards:

    • On arrival at the hotel, our team will have available for you Sim cards and data/voice top-up cards. We will help you install these and make sure you purchase the correct data/voice credits, and that they work!

    Photo packages:

    Many of you will have questions about how to get to Morocco for the Baja SSV Morocco.

    By air: There are very frequent flights from Casablanca to Errachidia. It’s then a 2 hour drive to Merzouga!

    Many airlines fly to Marrakech and Fes, these are the destination to where you will find the cheapest flights. But remember it’s a 8 hour drive from Marrakech to Merzouga or a 7 hour drive from Fes. For those who have time it’s a good way to start discovering Morocco! We can recommend taxis for the journey or you can jump in at the deep end and hire a car at the airport. This will give you maximum flexibility and probably work out cheaper if there are 4 of you.

    By road and sea:

    Currently ferries to Morocco are only operating from France, Italy and Portugal. Our orga members coming from Germany and Poland will be using the Genoa-Tangier line operated by GNV www.gnv.it

    Or alternatively you could try Sete-Tangier

    A new line is also operating between Marseille-Tangier

    We are all hopeful that the usual ferry connections between Spain-Morocco will start operating by the time of the Baja SSV.

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